Bloom! Spring is almost here…

I am so excited for the new spring collections coming out in stores :) love seeing bright colors.

Florals are one of my favorite patterns and I am so thrilled that Tory Burch is including it in all of her wallets, bags and even bracelets!! She is so tasetful.

Check out what I am drooling over and tell me what you love about spring fashion.


bracelet 1 bracelet 2 bracelet 3 Tory burch wallet 1 tory burch wallet 2 toryburch resort wallet 3


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I love finding inspiration from anything around me wether it is street style,friends closets,nyc, books or magazines. I borrowed from the library today, 2 books that hold huge inspiration. Lanvin & Valentino! Take a peek:




Decor Contributor For The Fashion Hive


I havent posted in a few days and school is to blame. Been sooooo busy! Sketching design sheet ideas today and then have class later.

Also, I have been busy working on blog posts as Decor Contributor for The Fashion Hive!! It is a superb website that links fashion, beauty and decor news to its readers.

Based in New York City, It is always up to date on the latest happenings. Frances Ortiz is the creative mind and editor behind all of the Fashion Hive’s successes.


To see my first post (many more to come!) click the link below:

Check the website weekly because there are constantly new posts! Tell me what you think :) ENJOY!



Jeanne Everett


Last night, I watched Casablanca for the first time ever. and loved it!

I love Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman together. Humphrey Bogart’s voice is so hilarious and Ingrid is stunning.

I am working on some mood boards for sketches for collections at school and I got the bright idea that I could use the inspiration of Casablanca for one! Therefore, I went to a fabulous local art store named, “Artist & Craftsman Supply” downtown in Charleston and they always have an exciting amount of goodies and variety of tools to use. While looking around, I saw some artistic paintings on a postcard and also happened to find some classical photos of the Rat Pack and even of Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart from Casablanca!!!!!

I also picked up a few others of Monet and painters I love. I also found one of Dustin Hoffman in a hat and suit, smoking a cigarette peering a glance at something. Love a man in a suite drinking whiskey and smoking a cigarette. I kept thinking that over and over again while watching Casablanca last night. I fell in love with that movie! Here are the adorable postcards I got for the mood board today!





Visit get some art goodies.

Outfit Today

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

I dont know about yall but I am a coffee drinker…ehhh maybe addict? I pour myself a cup (or two) everyday because otherwise I could not function!! So it made me laugh OUT LOUD when I found this on twitter today:

Right?? I need this to be hung up in my kitchen!!:)

Anyways…I dressed warm & cute today because this Charleston weather is off & on hot & cold…kinda like that Katy Perry song ha! Today was hot and sunny. beautiful day but lots of water needed :) ….Below are my outfit posts from today! Enjoy!





Fashion Drawing

Hello there! So i just started at The Art Insitute by where i live and im loving it a lot! Been taking a textile class, fashion drawing class & other classes. My fashion drawing class is taught by a really fabulous british fashion illustrator named, Lynne Riding. She is worth googling her because her artwork is beautiful!!! :)

I worked on some sketches of my own tonight in class. Working on a mood board & soon, more sketches w watercolors,felt pens,marker pads & templates! Let me know what you think!