Pixie Mood Handbag

I just love my new Pixie Mood handbag! It is adorable, soft, roomy and colorful!

This Canadian company is a vegan leather all animal-friendly based in Toronto. They carry fun loving colorful wallets, bags, cosmetic cases in every shape, color and pattern that your imagination could think of.

The creative minds behind this brand are the designers, Kelvin and Chloe who are so friendly and sweet.

I will continue using my gorgeous and colorful bag no matter what I am wearing. But, today’s look that I paired my Pixie Mood bag is below!

Enjoy and check out the Pixie Mood website out and order yourself a non-expensive, good quality, roomy vegan leather handbag! You won’t be disappointed, seriously, you wont.

http://www.pixiemood.com/shop.html Click to start shopping with Pixie Mood now!  Also, for ideas for styling with their handbags, click this linkhttp://pixiemood.wordpress.com/ and check out the Pixie Mood blog for great outfit ideas that will make you wanna buy all their fabulous bags…I can NOT GET ENOUGH! LOVE them!





















Check out more of Pixie Mood at their website: http://www.pixiemood.com/shop.html





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